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Instructions for using the Client Portal

This a secure way for us to communicate, and for you to complete your paperwork

How it works...

Over the telephone you will provide me with your information, and I will enter this into the Portal, and then send you a Welcome Link to get started!

Username/ Password

Make sure to pick something you remember, because if you forget then I'll have to go in and re-set it for you (sorry, no IT person on staff just yet)

What if I want to print off my documents and fill them out?

That's totally fine and up to you!  The program has them as either PDF or Microsoft Word for you to download and print them.  You can also download and print off any worksheets I put on here for you!  :) 

Paying My Bill

I still accept checks, payments via Square with debit/credit/HSA cards...and you also have the option to pay this by logging into the Client Portal!  (sorry no cash payments)

Lets get Started with your paperwork (or paying your bill)


Log In for Your Session!

You will be directed to my "waiting room" on Doxy when you click below

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